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January 28 2016


Cutting Costs for the Wedding Venue

People have all different visions when it comes to their weddings. Some picture lavish events where virtually every person whom they have ever known attends, and others want simpler affairs with only those relatives and friends who are closest to them. No matter what the vision is for the wedding, however, plenty of couples want to cut down on costs without compromising their style.

They can still choose Luxury Wedding Venues; they just have to know how to negotiate and what areas they may cut down on. When people first visit Clevedon Hall with the intent of hosting a reception there, they should ask what the prices are for children. Usually, couples do not have to pay full price for kids since they do not consume as much food. They may also want to ask if a price reduction is available for young people who are under 21 years of age since they will not consume alcohol.

Allen Baler

Couples who are eager to save money while still hosting a stylish and stunning wedding should find out what menus are available from www.clevedonhall.co.uk. For example, having a buffet dinner or a wedding where cocktail hour food is passed around the entire time may cost less than hosting a traditional affair with a sit-down dinner. Not only can couples choose different menus, but they can also select variegated cuisine. People who want to have steak and lobster served to all of their guests will likely find that the final price is more expensive for them than for couples who are looking into a vegetarian selection or a menu that is heavy on chicken dishes. Interested parties should not be afraid to ask for customized menus from www.clevedonhall.co.uk/weddings. Just because a certain menu is not listed on the website or presented during the first meeting does not preclude its existence.

Asking about recommended vendors or wedding packages is also a smart idea. Couples who can bundle together services such as the DJ, lighting suppliers, florists, and so forth may find that they can save more money than couples who don't. Also, wedding venues often have recommended vendors. If the couples choose to use the vendors whom the hall recommends, then they may find that a discount awaits them. It is very important for couples to express their budgetary concerns when they meet with a representative from the venu. By failing to do so, they may lose the opportunity to procure a fantastic deal.

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